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January 23, 2003 9:19 AM

British Telecom sued Prodigy over a hyperlink patent claim, and lost. What lamers. That's like patenting an air duct as 'an apparatus containing and transporting molecules in a super liquid state (air) thru a gated and integrated system.' It's just a tube. It's just a link.

Unisys suddenly said to everyone 'give us money for these GIFs you're using,' and got dissed.

SBC now says they own the patent to Frames technology. Fine, you can have 'em, they suck anyway. The thing that sets SBC apart as a heartless corporate ho bag is this...

In the letter sent to Museum Tour President Marilynne Eichinger, SBC's Harlie Frost, president of intellectual property, pointed out that the Web site contains tabs pointing to different Web pages within the site, and those tabs are in a frame that does not disappear as a person navigates the site. SBC said those "features (as well as other valuable features) appear to infringe several issued claims" related to certain patents.
They sent cease and desist letter to a museum?!?! At least BT went after Prodigy.