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January 20, 2003 4:40 AM

Mark aggregates some comments about 'the blogging scene' that will likely resonate in the minds of many bloggers. They certainly do for me, especially this one...
A very consistent voice cropped up among the new writers: casual, chatty, inoffensive, usually a dash of false self-deprecation, and a kind of subtle condescension?the sound of someone who has been chosen to pass along valuable information to others. This tone of I am interesting, right? was underscored by the guestbooks and comments and karma points and permalinks and trackbacks and referer logs.
When one takes some time to look back and evaluate where they are and where they came from, it's a maturing experience. That's a good thing, but I'm tickled by some of the irony of how that posts begins...
I started writing online in 1995.
I've dropped that timestamp before too in an attempt to impress my geek friends and co-workers and parents, and it has never worked (they think I'm a bigger dork). The holier than thou 'tude of "I've been doing this since before the boom" is pretty much worthless these days and says little more than "I went to college in the 1990's."

What's my excuse for thinking my writing is worth reading by someone else? I don't, but I have been writing HTML since Netscape 0.98 was out (I still have Nav 1.1n on floppy), have earned a degree in English, have worked as a web developer for six years, and I still think blogging is cool (no matter how much my office mates dis me for it). In my post the other day, I asked the question about how to keep it real, but I suppose I have to confess that I never thought anyone would read this site on a consistent basis, making that question a little hollow. This site was originally conceived as a résumé site and knowledge repository, but having any audience at all has changed the content and the character of this site.

I read my server logs almost every day. Sue me.