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February 24, 2003 4:12 AM

Out of the many Apple related articles recently published, only one dares to say something smart. All of the others are unsubstantiated or plainly ignorant...

The good...

  • Job No. 1 for Apple: Find a Parade and Get in Front of It - by Tiernan Ray
    The gauntlet has been thrown down. When David Stutz, a former product line manager at Microsoft (Nasdaq: MSFT), fired off a version of his resignation letter last week, arguing that Microsoft must innovate, it was a wake-up call to packaged software vendors: Decide how you'll bring value to free software, or face extinction.
The bad... The unsubstantiated...
  • Wanted: A Portable Desktop Replacement That Really Is - By Jason Brooks
  • It's not that I wasn't charmed by the littlest Apple. The 12-inch PowerBook is beautifully made, and although I've yet to see the Lindows Mobile PC up close, I can't imagine it cutting a more striking figure than the Apple unit does. What's more, the G4-driven PowerBook certainly packs a greater performance punch than does the Lindows Mobile, which is powered by a 933MHz C3 chip from Via that's built for low power and low heat, but not for speed.
    Then why do you want the Lindows box?