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February 11, 2003 9:07 AM

CNN reports that "Lollapalooza set to return after six-year hiatus" and I'm pretty psyched about it because Jane's Addiction is slated to perform. Over a decade ago I used to hang out with my high school friends a lot and skateboard and listen to Jane's. I saw their last club date and their first arena date (for the Ritual tour) and was really blown away by how bad Perry sounds at the beginning of a show and how good at the end. I also managed to make it to the second and third incarnations of Lollapalooza, which pretty much sucked (imho).

This spring, more than a decade after my last Perry Ferrel sighting, my wife will give birth to our first child (a girl! whoot!). I wonder how many other new parents will show up to Lollapalooza this year with a 'baby or board' sticker in their Sedan.