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February 28, 2003 9:39 AM

Part of my college education was sitting in far too many poli-sci classes listening to, and participating in, discussions about European security, international trade, and Green Party politics (bleh). Most of it bored me to tears, except for the reading assignments that involved The Economist. It's a good rag.

Now, The Economist discusses things like Sony's "Life after PlayStation 2." It's an excellent read and includes such hist as...

  • "people walking around with an iPod and an Apple PowerBook look much cooler than those equipped with a Clie and a Vaio notebook"
  • "With so many consumer-electronics, software and other technology firms co-operating to forge an alternative to Microsoft, it will be hard for Sony alone to gain control of the living room."
  • "If its [Sony's] desire to protect itself against piracy messes up its other plans, firms such as Apple will continue to design the devices that Sony ought to be making."
Also, the article has a cool pie chart in it that looks more like a donut chart than a pie chart. Mmmmmmmmmmmm, donut chart.....
[via MacCentral]