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March 5, 2003 9:37 AM

Blogger wants to make it possible for webloggers to call it in, so you could push your material out as MP3's. That's pretty cool, and I think opens up the possibility for Blogger peeps to become on-the-scene reporters. Now, if you wanted to create a system where you have your normal blog outputted in HTML, and RSS and now in audio, you could do that. If you did, would you put an index.mp3 file in your web root directory, and edit your httpd.conf file to hand that out? (after index.html, and index.shtml, and index.php, etc.)

If so, do you need a <link> tag to point to this alternate presentation layer? We have this tag for pointing to our RSS files...

<link rel="alternate" type="application/rss+xml" title="RSS" href="">
Why not make one that looks like this...
<link rel="alternate" type="audio/mpeg" title="MP3" href="">
Now you may ask, how do I easily make an MP3 out of my little bloglets? Thankfully someone already asked the LazyWeb and there were several answers (one is nearly perfect). But they cover how to take in an RSS feed and turn that into an MP3, not making the MP3 at the time of your posting. That's no big deal really, after (before?) you post your blog item, you could turn around and run your MP3-ification routine (and assuming you use Mac OSX, you could automate a lot of that, including the upload).

If someone made all of this work, and wrote it all up, I'm guessing it would probably qualify for Ben's Weblog Hacks book.