Imx Fix in my experience
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March 7, 2003 4:39 AM

Last week I was sitting in front of my TV watching Cory and Rael on the ScreenSavers, which is pretty geeky to begin with (just ask my wife) and I was tooling around online. Thankfully I had a mail client up and poised for a new message when they announced a little contest. The first five emails to be received at some address would receive a free pass to the O'Reilly Emerging Tech conference. I typed like mad, forgetting who I was going to send email to, and hit send. Yesterday I got this back in the mail...
Hi there! and Congratulations!
You are a winner of a free conference pass to the Emerging Technology Conference, April 22-25, 2003, in Santa Clara, California at the Santa Clara Westin Hotel.
Whoot! If anyone in Northern Virginia is going to this too, drop me a line.