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March 10, 2003 4:25 AM

Last year Jamie Kellner said some semi-crazy things about watching TV and ignoring commercials...
Your contract with the network when you get the show is you're going to watch the spots.
I felt that that position was kind of extreme, and that it wasn't a TiVo friendly position. When Kellner announced his pending resignation, I chuckled to myself that maybe his comments had caught up with him. But sadly, that attitude is burned-in like a video game on an EPROM (ie, a cartridge). For example, AOL is making a Tivo competitor that...
lets networks set the parameters, dictating which shows users can reschedule, and it also creates ways for networks to insert commercials.
And that is clearly the type of system that Kellner would approve of and is completely not focused on empowering/emboldening the consumer. In fact, I think I've noticed a fabric at AOL that is based on the idea that content is something to be delivered. As in, We make it, you consume it, pay up. I don't think the future of media (or journalism) is uni-directional.