Imx Fix in my experience
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April 23, 2003 11:22 AM

I took a little walking tour of Santa Clara yesterday after I had settled in to the hotel room. As near as I can tell, this entire area is one big ass tech park, and probably the nicest tech park I've ever seen. The tech parks in NoVa seem like they were built for the explicit purpose of tearing them down when the land becomes valuable enough to sell to a housing developer.

I walked by 3com, Abbot Labs, WebMD (which had only 8 cars in the entire parking lot, at 2pm on a Tuesday) and several other tech companies I recognized. The utter lack of foot traffic and quality of personal transportation (ie, BMW's everywhere) was kind of weird, but to be expected in a big ass tech park.

Meanwhile, I'm here in the main 'sit around and drink coffee and bath in 802.11b radiation' with about 100 other people. In some cases the folks sitting at tables of 10 are talking, at others is silence only broken by keyboard clacking. Time to go to the first keynote by Howard Rheingold.