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April 25, 2003 5:44 AM

The presentation from the BBC crew was pretty shocking because it shows me how much I am missing in my day to day work when it comes to real users and the emerging applications that (will) serve them (in one way or another).

What I really can't believe is that some people have enough time to actually do research, consider it, plan on working systems around that considered research and execute those plans in an open fashion to deal with inevitable change. Relative to the world I've been living in, it's revolutionary. Being on that end of the relative scale is sad and disappointing. Perhaps I am in the wrong career, or simply on the backside of the curve.

Essentially, their presentation was a powerpoint'd requirements and use cases document built in such a way as to be spoken to in a presentation. Besides the totally simple (but not simplistic) Google presentation, the BBC presentation is the best (visually) of the conference, and the most tangible.

Interestingly, when they mentioned part of their new product/app/social-software would include a Creative commons mechanism, there was applause, and it downed on me... the O'Reilly Emerging Tech conference, and more fundamentally, the O'Reilly social network is a libertarian movement that I haven't been exposed to in my normal life back on the East Coast. when I mentioned in a recent post that their are two groups at this conference, the 'party geeks' and 'everyone else,' I am part of the 'everyone else' group.

It wasn't until lunch today when I met 'the spring Guy' did I hear about Emergent Man (a party last night) which is a seedling idea and event related to Burning Man, but centered around this conference and those who aren't staying at the hotel and are sleeping in someone's back yard. Very California.

I always knew it, but it's more obvious to me now that I'm very east coast.