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April 7, 2003 9:42 AM

In the past several weeks I've worked on one high profile project (the orange thing in the top right at AOL keyword: Safety), broken bad news to my wife, watched too much war coverage, played two thirds of the way thru Zelda and purchased a TiVo. Because of that I've missed these important items...
Mozilla is following a new path.
"It's clear to us that Mozilla needs a new roadmap, one that charts a path to an even better future. Below we will propose a new application architecture based on the Gecko Runtime Environment ( GRE ), which can be shared between separate application processes."
AOL may restate earnings again.
"Regulators reviewing AOL Time Warner's accounting said they may require the company to restate as much as $400 million in advertising revenue booked in relation to a deal involving the company's America Online division and Bertelsmann."
Plagiarism is still bad, even on a blog.
"Kelley's insightful window on the details of the war brought him increasing readership (118,000 page views on a recent day) and acclaim, including interviews in the The New York Times and on NBC's Nightly News, Newsweek online and National Public Radio.

The only problem: Much of his material was plagiarized -- lifted word-for-word from a paid news service put out by Austin, Texas, commercial intelligence company Stratfor."