Imx Fix in my experience
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April 9, 2003 9:39 AM

Is it me, or can you not export your bookmarks from Safari? It's possible to back up your bookmarks file by going to this file path...
...but I'd like to have a mechanism in the broswer to export this to (X)HTML or RDF or even RSS.

Apple's PLIST format is XML, and parseable, and transformable. So ultimately, what I really want is for someone (even Apple) to write something that can transform my Safari bookmarks into the format Mac IE5 reads and into the format that Camino reads (and vide versa).

Some sort of cronable job would be optimal where all of my bookmarks would be sync'd between my browsers, which would require transformations from and to each format. This avoids exporting, and then importing, which is time consuming. I can't even imagine writing the diff code.

Not even the Camino authors have Safari bookmark imports working yet, so maybe I'm asking for a bit much...

Note that, although it initially shows you Internet Explorer's bookmarks, you can import bookmarks from OmniWeb, iCab, Mozilla, Netscape, and Camino itself. Safari bookmarks cannot yet be imported.
One can wish, can't he?