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April 24, 2003 1:24 AM

So far, almost every session has started late and ended late, and there's no buffer time between sessions, so there's turnover chaos. The good thing for this first session is that it's the first session of the day. But that's neither here nor there, it is? What is? The damn wireless network is fubar'd :^/

Anyway, Alan Kay's presentation was a smalltalk application that was pretty visceral in terms of building things and getting them to interact. So far, this presentation got the most applause of any session I've attended. The take away is that the immediacy of editing and changing things affords the user more control. That's not a new lesson, but the app they were showing was a good example of an implementation that takes that concept to heart. It's all alpha ware though, and is way more "R" than "D".

Kevin Lynch from Macromedia is next, and is pushing the rich Internet Application (RIA) again, and this time demo'd "Central" which is a new Macromedia product due 'later this year' that will be sort of an application clearing house (and is based on Flash Player 6). You'll be able to develop your RIA and be able to distribute it thru Central and get paid. That's a good thing, and certainly should be a business model for other technologies.

For those of you who have played with Konfabulator, take that architecture, centralize it, throwaways the JavaScript and substitute all of the runtime code with Flash, and you have a "Central" like product platform. Again, too bad creating Flash apps is such a pain. but...

Laszlo wants to help out with that problem, but of course they add in their own problem into the mix, licensing. As far as I can tell, Laszlo's business plan is to make Flash application building easier by letting you avoid the Flash dev environment and use Laszlo's. But of course they have a server you have to run in order to run the client side application. That server will of course cost you some money.

The good/bad news is: grassroots Flash application development and deployment is getting some attention, but they are mutually exclusive. The focus is 'applications' in either case though.

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