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April 30, 2003 11:13 AM

Being the well renowned Apple-phile in my family, I was assumed to buy an iPod as soon as it was announced. They were/are after all, pretty cool little devices. But being the well seasoned Apple-phile, I knew the prices were going to be totally out of control and I was right about that, wasn't I. Being the possessions interloper that I am, I managed to receive a few Apple Store gift certificates totalling $250, but that still was $150 away from the 10 gig model at the time

The recent announcement that Apple has revamped the iPod line and made the 10 gig model $300 means that I can spend $50 and get a sweet ass new iPod with the cool little controls, lighter weight, and smoother edges. I can hardly wait until Friday to go buy one (and get a free tshirt, hehehe).

In somewhat related news, Apple is "[attempting] to patent [an] iPod-like 'scroll-disk' mouse" for use on the desktop. TheRegister notes...

Another benefit the applications cites is that the user doesn't need to take his or her finger off the disk to continue scrolling - "ie. the disc can be rotated through 360 degrees of rotation without stopping" - unlike a scroll-wheel, which forces you to continually pull your finger off the wheel if you want to go beyond whatever arc of the wheel is exposed.
This isn't really a big deal to me at all, based on the fact that computers are pretty smart and can be programmed to see how fast I am scrolling the scrollwheel and match that on screen. I don't see the benefit in racing thru a doc, but I do the benefit when slowly scrolling thru a doc, or attempting to finely control the movement thru a menu. The scrollwheel doesn't click into place, but allows for that analog style of input that makes modern video game controllers so awesome.

Consider the methods of use of this iPod like mouse wheel thing. Would you have to hold it in your hand, or can you cup it like a normal mouse. I tend to race back and forth between the mouse and keyboard a lot, and adding in an extra step of 'picking up' and 'putting down' would be pretty crappy HCI. The physical implementation is inherently different on a mouse than on an iPod and I'll be interested to see what they come up with. In the meantime, I'm buying myPod.