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April 3, 2003 2:49 AM

Today, I opened NetNewsWire for the first time in several days (due to the Spamomoter firedrill) and got this one-and-only news item from the slashdot feed...
Why Do I Not Get the Latest Stories in RSS?

Your RSS reader is abusing the Slashdot server. You are requesting pages more often than our terms of service allow. Please see the FAQ for more information, or email
Isn't it a bit ironic and perhaps hypocritical for slashdot to put this in their feed. Sure, slashdot itself doesn't abuse other sites, but a mere link from that will cause something, that in slashdot's terms in quote above, constitutes abuse. They know that happens, and implies complicity (I know, I'm getting a little smarmy here).

Now, "my" RSS reader is abusing the server? No, it isn't, it's fetching a file once, and then I read thru it with my reader, and then move on to other things (ie, I quit the app and thus it doesn't fetch the feed anymore). That's not abuse, but who really cares? There are plenty of other sources of dorky info that aren't so redundantly published (ie, same article posted multiple times within days). Cya slashdot.