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April 23, 2003 2:35 AM

Here's a few thoughts from the opening keynote...
  • User v Consumer ("prosumer"): the oddly restrictive laws recently passed seem to be making consumers out of users. The 'we make it, you buy it' system is the inherent basis of capitalism, and you can hardly expect value producers to want to give the power to create new value to others who will profit from it.
  • Regulatory restrictions and considerations will increasingly become more important to be aware of as developers do their work. Which makes me think we'll need Chief Regulatory Officers who over see software development and make sure it complies to laws like the DMCA.
  • There was applause at the comment that the tech industry should take the initiative of putting the music industry out of business by creating new technologies and payments systems that pay artists in direct and easy ways for fair prices.
  • When Reingold mentioned Justice Scalia, someone hissed. Heh.
The second keynote, which was a panel discussion on DRM issues, was WAY too short and should have been conducted in more of a town meeting format. There were plenty of people in the audience who has questions or things to say that would incite useful discourse. It was definitely NOT a 'everything should be free' mutual admiration society.

[I'm sitting on the floor plugged into a wall socket using the free Airport connectivity available in the lobby area. I'd sit on broken glass if I had to.]