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May 29, 2003 3:02 AM

Eric emailed me about Mac software yesterday after an iBook compulsion buy (good for you!). He hasn't been a Mac user since System 7 ruled the roost, so there is no doubt he meant it when he had no clue what the good current apps are. Here's a few resources to get up to speed...
Useful Mac
Useful Mac is a tight list of good software for Mac OSX. The site doesn't try to be a listing of all Mac software, or attempt to sell stuff to you, etc. They just list what's good, in a nicely organized UI, and for the most part, I agree with most of their choices.
VersionTracker does try to be a listing of everything in the Mac software universe, and pretty much catches all of it. If a new rev of something comes out, they know of it. My only complaint is the use of window.status code to show you one url, but the href over to another, and then use window.location to load the URL you thought you were going to get in the first place.
A long time ago I used to be a daily reader, but for some reason, I switched over to MacNN a while back. The site just feels more like a news site to me, and has less ancillary data/info associated with the articles. It's sort of like the USA Today of Mac news sites.
There are many Mac rumors sites out there, and they tend to snipe at each other, speculate wildly, and report normal (well known) news. These folks seem to keep it clean, and usually keeps things up to date. is another one to check out.
Dev Tools, Dev Tool, Dev Tools!
It's an absolute must to install the Dev Tools for Mac OSX. All of the goodies like cvs and scp are in there (not to mention gcc3). You can download the Dev Tools from the Apple Developer site (you have to register, but can do so without paying out any cash). I also have an extra Dev Tools CD that I got at the O'Reilly Tech conference, so if anyone wants that, I'll be happy to mail it out.
That list should at least get anyone started. If anyone has anything add, please do.