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May 22, 2003 1:12 AM

iPod Interactions I bought a new iPod the night they were released, and I think I was the first one to complete a sale at the Tyson's Corner Apple Store that night. Some tall Apple nerd with a camera saw fit to document the event on a silver substrate, so I'm guessing the guy next to me at the other register came in second.

Regardless of who won (me) a new personal habit has formed as a result of iPod ownership. I actively try to wear shirts that have a breast pocket. This is of course for the iPod to have a place to perch while I walk around the office with my headphones blaring Phasmid. Unfortunately, the iPod really is just another gadget that I carry around with me every day, and it's getting ridiculous...

Things in my bag that I carry around...

  • iPod
  • Nikon 4300 digital camera
  • Motorola Two Way pager
  • Samsung N400 cell phone
  • 550 mhz tiBook
  • various and sundry cables and adapters for connecting stuff to other stuff
Eventually, my daughter will laugh at me for carrying around so much mass and matter to achieve acceptable results in the things these devices do. Hopefully that future date is closer than I think, because carrying around all this stuff is just stupid. for what it's worth, I think I want most of this uber device to be centered around my iPod.