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May 19, 2003 2:22 AM

While I was away on new baby duty (doody?) I noticed a few things about the traffic at this site, it didn't drop off dramatically. Instead, a slow decline in daily visits occurred with a somewhat steady pace of RSS feed hits (indicating subscriptions that people don't update frequently). That's a good thing I suppose, because I will be continuing to post various bits of dorky minutia.

Also, while I was in my diaper changing training seminars, I received email from Mr. Kalsey asking...

Do you want pings to the communiblog only for categories that are at least peripherally related to your blog? To which I replied... To tell you the truth, I've waffled back and forth on that, and I think that if there were a ton of pings coming in all the time, I'd say that keeping things on topic would be a good idea. But the pings are slowly coming in, and randomness and serendipity need to be embraced. I say feel free to hit it with everything you've got.
You see, the about Communiblog page sees about 8 to 20 hits a day, and that hasn't dropped off or increased over the past two weeks, so there's some interest in it somewhere. I invite everyone to feel free to ping the Communiblog as much as they want, and can keep it on or off topic. I'll just trash anything that I think isn't quite right (ie, offensive to me, boring, or otherwise useless).