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June 16, 2003 11:56 AM

I had my first Father's Day over the weekend, and my wife was kind enough to get me a couple of gists and a card. I got her nothing for Mother's Day, mostly due to the fact that she was in the Hospital recovering from the C-Section. So basically, she got a baby and a full day's worth of my time for her first Mother's Day.

So, she got me this pencil holder thing with a picture in it of my and the baby. Also, there was a Gameboy Advance SP in the gift bag as well. I had been railing on for months about the Gameboy SP and had planned on buying one as soon as my ultra slow savings plan had accrued $100 (ie, I throw loose change into a box at home).

Now, I get to finish Advance Wars in full backlit glory, and will probably finish Yoshi's Island as well. That will be a satisfying event to be sure, but the most satisfying part of the weekend was the card that accompanied the gifts. My wife had written in the card that I was already proving to be a good father. I can't describe how satisfying that is.