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June 10, 2003 9:29 AM

It seems to me that Apple always has "pent up demand" when it comes to new hardware (except for the Performa Christmas disaster). This update cycle will be a classic pent up demand bonanza if the rumors are true...
Apple Computer Inc. is nearing the release of desktop systems featuring IBM's 64-bit PowerPC 970 chip, sources report?but a 64-bit version of Mac OS X may lag behind by a month or two.
Looprumors had this to say back in May...
We received word that two large shipments of Power PC 970 processors went to Foxconn in Taiwan, under a purchase order from Apple computer. Twenty thousand 1.4Ghz PPC 970's and forty thousand 1.6Ghz PPC 970's have already arrived in their hands. IBM's inventory contains fifty thousand 1.8 Ghz PPC 970's, of which forty thousand are destined for Foxconn tomorrow (Wednesday).
So, it certainly seems as though there are rumors covering the supply chain, which has always been Apple's problem, along with slow ass Motorola G4 processors. I kind of think it's cute how Moto is attempting to make a better G4 and sell that to Apple. My guess is that Apple actually uses it in future iBooks (if it's a low enough wattage). But really, who cares. All that matters is that the G5's do come out, are available in volume, and that Panther is a true 64 bit operating system. Assuming all of that falls into place, I expect G5's to be a hot commodity.