Imx Fix in my experience
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September 17, 2003 9:35 AM

AppleScript scroll logo There are several 'extras' on the iPod including a Calendar thingy, some contacts handling and other junk like Solitaire (which I won while on my beach vacation a few weeks back). The notes functionality is cool too, but what makes it VERY cool, or more to the point, usable and helpful, is the 'clipboard to iPod note' AppleScript.

The script does what it claims to do. It takes whatever text is in the clipboard, and smashes it into a text note, and dumps that onto your iPod. If the text is more than 4k in size (the max size of an iPod note is 4k for some reason) it will automagically split it up into the number of files it needs to cover the data, and links them together, and copies them all to the iPod.

It does a pretty good job at getting the text parsed and written out in a useful way. Tables of data lose their formatting of course, but not in a horribly unuseable way, and the auto linking of long text blobs is extremely helpful.