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October 16, 2003 8:58 AM

Mozilla vs. SafariBeing a web developer, I download all of the browsers I can get and use them and come to various opinions about their utility, speed, compatibility and that intangible 'like it or hate it' quality. For the last month or two, Safari and Mozilla have been taking turns as my 'love it' browser, and I now keep them both running at all times.

Safari is my most often used browser for a few simple reasons...

  • It's pretty fast.
  • It has tabbed brosing.
  • I want to support the mothership.
  • The bookmarks handling is great.
  • The Google search is small and always there for me.
But there is one huge disadvantage in Safari that I'm not sure affects many other people. The JavaScript engine is very slow. Simple JavaScript is nicely handled and the engine is pretty good in terms of standards compatibilitiy, but when the going gets tough and there's lots of heavy JavaScript to deal with, Safari bogs down. I have one page in particular that I use daily that is a great example. but that's on an intranet site and you can get there from the Internet. Mozilla handles that same page perfectly, and extremely quickly.

Mozilla's advanages are...

  • Fast parsing/rendering.
  • Fast JavaScript handling.
  • Standards compliancy.
  • JavaScript Debugger, JavaScript Console and the Dom Inspector
Unfortunately, it's not an Apple browser (which is not a good reason to say it's disadvantaged, but for some reason I put it in there), has an unnessesarily chunky UI (why are the tabs so huge?) and has an email client embedded (I would migrate to Firebird but there's no DOM Inspector or JavaScript debugger, and it's still pretty buggy).

I think Safari is better for casual browsing and Mozilla is better for working. (Dis)Agree?