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October 11, 2003 8:59 AM

With so many portable digital music players out there, why did I pick the iPod? Let me count the ways...
  1. It's pretty small.
  2. It's a firewire hard drive.
  3. You can install OSX on it and boot from it, so I can bring your environment with you anywhere.
  4. I'm a Mac zealot, I admit it.
  5. It's a light weight PDA, and all I really need is a lightweight PDA instead of a PocketPC (shudder) or even a Zire.
    • I can export from my corporate calendar system over to iCal and pump that on the iPod
    • I use Apple's Mail application, and add people to the Address Book a lot, and having all of those contacts in my pocket helps when I'm on call.
  6. I have a Mac at work and Mac at home, and only one bookmarks file.
  7. Oh yeah, I listen to music, a lot. (Several hours a day).
  8. My car has an auxillary input in it, and I can plug my iPod into it.
  9. The user interface and HCI elements of the iPod work well for me, and this post at Daring Fireball made me realize that...
    • You can scroll through long lists with an iPod using one continuous circular motion with your thumb; with a DJ-like scroll wheel (on the recently announced Dell Digital Jukebox), you're forced to scroll in short strokes, picking up your thumb each time, repeatedly, which wastes half your effort.
  10. I had $250 in gift certificates to the Apple store, so a mere $50 out of my pocket put 10 gigs into my pocket.