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November 13, 2003 3:17 AM

Samsun SPH-i500This is the acceptable form factor I have been waiting for when it comes to cell-phone/PDA combo units. I hate to say it, but holding a N-Gage, Sidekick or a Treo 300 to your head just looks dumb, and for some pathetic reason, that matters to me.

Just recently I have discovered the need/utility of a PDA and how it can help me out at work. This is a pretty big jump for me, because i have always considered an electronic note pad and phone book to be pretty useless, but there's certainly more to it than that, right? These days I have the need to know many more phone numbers, who they are attached to, and what tasks those people are currently working on, and what's coming up next. that screams out for a PDA.

Unfortunately, I have few limbs left with thumbs that can carry and manipulate devices. They are currently juggling an iPod, a cell phone, a Gameboy Advance and a digital camera (all of which I carry with me to work every day in what my mother-in law-calls my "carry all"). Adding a PDA to that mix is unattractive, especially when going to meetings, which is why I have some pretty severe techno lust going on over the Samsung SPH-i500. One of the big reasons is that it combines two devices I need (want?) into one device that doesn't make me look like a dork when I use it (I don't need any help on looking dorky, thank you).

Too bad the unit costs $600! The un-dorky form factor is probably worth an extra $75 to me, and the PDA is worth $150 to me, all over the typical $150 I usually pay when I do a handset upgrade. That's only $375.