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November 13, 2003 3:31 AM

Crackpot!When you stop to consider how the various parts of a chunk of content are presented to you, it can become clear how other people want you to feel about something or someone. In this case, it's something other people have already pigeonholed as "media bias." The icon to the left is the icon used on the home page which is a feed from and is a picture of a certain crackpot who has been in the news recently. I'm avoiding using her name for some reason to avoid the Google hits that may be generated down the road. But that's beside the point. This person has recently shown herself to be a crackpot (imho) and the media, in it's own subtle way, is pointing that out thru their selection of this image. They could have picked an image of her smiling, but they chose a sneer.