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November 26, 2003 9:41 AM

Nintendo Gamecube ControllerVideo game nerds who are also into human/computer interaction issues and ergonomics might find this article about video game controllers interesting (and they might be nerdier than they think)...
First-party controllers are almost always reliable in the way of comfort and accuracy, but they do vary from one product to another. It's often a very personal and preferential thing; I happen to prefer to play racers on GameCube. I don't think any gamer can avoid this partiality. To that same end, however, there are many games, often first-party published, that I couldn't imagine playing on another console's controller.
In my experience, this is true, except for the horrible first version of the Xbox controller. That thing was huge and felt like you were holding a watermelon in your hands. Even worse were the triggers under the controller (which you pull with your index fingers) that had very strong springs in them, so holding the trigger all the way down for more than a few seconds would cause muscle fatigue.

At the other end of the spectrum is the Nintendo Gamecube controller, which was made with kids in mind and is smaller than the original Xbox controller. There is a smaller Xbox controller available now, but its trigger springs are still too strong, and a racing game that uses the trigger (such as PGR2) turn into a carpal tunnel accelerators.