Imx Fix in my experience
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December 28, 2009 11:02 AM

IMG_0633.PNG I have an iPhone 3GS and six pages of apps (I try to keeps things tidy). I use about 20 of those apps on a frequent basis and am generally over-connected. For Christmas my daughter got an iPod Touch, and since she's so young (6), I turned off the wifi connection and then configured which apps should be installed. I learned a couple of things...

  • I have many apps (read: most) that are completely useless unless there is a 3G/wifi connection.
  • The app store has tons of app for adults, but precious few quality apps for 1st grade kids.
  • I'll only pay a buck or two for an app for me, but will gladly pay $5 for a good app for my kid.
  • The entire first page on my iPhone is made up of connected apps (except Calendar and 1Password) and my daughter's first page is all games.
  • My six year old kid knows how to use an iPod Touch with ZERO instructions, but if she had to use iTunes to get apps onto it, she'd fail miserably.

There's a market here somewhere.