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About Communiblog

Communiblog is a listing of blog postings from other sites. If you have TrackBack enable software, you can add yours by pinging this URL...


Pinging that URL means that you are willing abide by one basic rule; No porn. I'll trash any pings that I think are inappropriate, otherwise, feel free ping the day away.

If you would like to automatically ping Communiblog when you post to your blog, you can...

  1. Log into MovableType
  2. Click "Manage Weblog"
  3. Click the "Categories" button on the left
  4. If you don't have any categories set up, create one.
  5. Look to the right of your category, and click on "Edit Category Attributes"
  6. Scroll to the bottom of that page, and in the "TrackBack URLs to ping" field, and enter this url...


  7. Now, when ever you post a new blog item, and select that category, you will automatically ping the Communiblog.

I am providing a place for people to post their blog entries to this site without regard to specific articles or categories (well, ok, I've made a category called 'Ping Me' so that people can ping it). I had this idea before LazyWeb came along, and there's some discourse on the merits of what I'm trying to do as opposed to the LazyWeb meme.

I'm hoping folks like Josh, Milbertus, Josh (a different one), Adam, Paul and JC will ping that URL whenever they post to their sites, making this a more semantically rich blog. That's the goal.

I hope it works.

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